Sports at the Hotel
Campastrello Sport is a versatile new sports facility designed specifically to host soccer teams, volleyball, basketball, cycling and many other disciplines in a perfect combination of exercise and relaxation, in a climate ideal for courses, retreats, incentive travel, camp , etc..

Our facility covers over 5 acres of parkland with jogging trails, sports fields, 3 acres of lawn and walked on.

Inside the hall from 90 pax riuone, multipurpose areas, facilities for housing technical equipment, massage rooms, a bistro style restaurant from 50 to 90 pax., Bus and truck parking with the possibility of technical water and electric attacks.

The kitchen specializes in sports menu and is available for personalized recommendations.

The accommodations in our rooms can be multiple of 6 to 1 person per apartment.

We are available to formulate the best cost estimate on customizing your needs.

To all of you make a big GOOD LUCK !!!!!!

Our guests were:

- Team Milram: for 3 consecutive years, from 2005
- Team Baveren 2000 - Quick Step (amateur) in 2007
- Team Saunier Duval Scott for 2 years
- Team Fuji Servetto: in 2009
- Team LPR Brakes (at the Tirreno - Adriatico in March 2009)
- Team Vacansoleil (at the Tirreno - Adriatico in March 2009)
- Team Nippo (at the GP Costa Etrusca 2010)
- Team Ceramica Flaminia (at the GP Costa Etrusca 2010)
- Team Farnese Vini pickles Blacks in 2010 (the Italian Champion Giovanni Visconti)
- Team Idea: in 2010
- Lucchini Team in 2010
- Team Marchiol (amateur) in 2010
- Quick Step team of Paolo Bettini (at the GP Costa Etrusca 2005)
- Team Leopard (at the Giro d'Italy in May 2011)
- Geox TMC Team (at the Tour of Italy in May 2011)
- Meet the Referee section of Florence
- Regional Meeting of the FIP
- Andy Hampesteen: Winner of the 1982 Grio In Italy it was more 'frequent guest of the structure with groups of cyclists
- Colleen Cannon: World Triathlon Champion in 2007 Campastrello Sports is host to groups of women cyclists

All those teams say about us: "Campastrello Sport is an excellent structure and technically perfect."

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