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Useful Links

The Campastrello Sport Residence Hotel gives you a list of useful links that will help you during your staying. Look what is the weather in Florence, buy the train tickets or organize your holidays in other cities...

Scaramuzzi Team Florence
Scaramuzzi Team is born and grew up to answer all problems about the organisation of congresses, exhibitions, fairs, sport’s events, concerts and musical happenings, imaginations and firms presentations. In 1993 is also born a a travel agency, GIROVAGARE VIAGGI, which enables us to give our customers all the support needed to plan and arrange travel and hotel accommodation according to their requirements. The development of the our company and the dream of creating something very unique and especial brought us to create, SB IDEAS, a supply and hire company, that is specialized in show room's realisations, personalised furnishing of interiors (hotels, offices, trade fair stands) and partial and/or total set up. In these years we matured a big experience that it helps us to resolve our client’s needs and to realise efficient solutions for each problem. Thanks to our dedication and constant commitment we have created an extremely versatile structure that enables us to work and move dynamically in different spheres.

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